Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Am I on the right SEAT?

if you were to ask me how much I love my job.
I would say: It's the best I've found, and I've learned the most, and see the most.
But... still ... my whole team was struggling...
Interesting part of my job was the meeting with different people.
as I'm selling service to others, some are trying to sell theirs to myself. how ironic is it!!
some invite me to attend talks, some asking me to join insurance, and some even buy me a gift, persuading me to join direct sales..
there is one particular customer that i remember the most, the one that present me a book, titled: "Are you on the right SEAT"
I've kept the book in my bag for months, and finally i give a little peek on it... and it caught my interest to finish the whole book...
the interesting stories in the book reminds me of what we all facing nowadays, particularly to me.
there is no such thing as easy job...always be ready, be prepare, as the opportunity will come to you one day.
Many of us doubted, hesitated whether we are on the right position?right job?right way?!
our surrounding made us even more doubtful of what we are doing now...
but i m sure... some how... persistence... will lead its way to success... Agree?

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